Mine Your Gold
& Live Your Dreams Today!

Your gold is cleverly hidden in life’s struggles and can be found by embracing your problems as your greatest assets in your life. When you learn to see that somewhere in each problem there is a gift, it will make you stronger and give amazing life lessons. 
These lessons are precious & valuable, leading to the material & mental gold of success to help you be a better parent, spouse, friend, co-worker, manager, &/or entrepreneur.
Join this group in weekly Master"mines" for a better you to Mine Your Gold

This is a community of rural & rural at heart entrepreneurs & difference-makers who are looking to mine their G.O.L.D and actively pursue the Goals & Opportunities to have the Life they Deserve. 

It’s like a Gold’s Gym for your Mind & Soul!

Become A Gold Miner Today!

Melanie M. - Bentonville, AK

"The Gold Miners has helped me with living life more intentionally, seeing issues more gratefully, and meeting demands with more positivity. I look forward to every meeting because I know I will get something to help me see the gold in my life. Who doesn't need that?"

Kristi K. - Hazen, ND

"I know many peeps in my circle are feeling the burden and weight of the world right now. If you are looking for an opportunity to stay focused on the good, the great and the ugly beautiful journey of living with gratitude...this is your place. Krysti Mikkonen is the ringleader of joy. Speakers. Stories. Support. Check it out...you will be glad you did." 

  Why is it called The Gold Miners?

Did you know that Gold is formed from hot liquids that seep into the veins of rock and hardens and becomes valuable gold metal?  Gold is found by gold miners who work hard at sifting through the dirt, mud, rocks, and sediment.  The gold is then pushed and/or sifted out and made visible by water pressure.  Our lives can be a lot like the precious rare gold.

What does that mean you might ask?  There are things in your life that are a lot like that gold, there are hot liquid situations that burn you. The heat of that liquid (our situations) is uncomfortable, awful, and in many cases unbearable.  The liquid gets into every crevice and hardens you.  But that’s where the gold is made and if you want, you can choose to do the work to dig and find the gold.  Join other Gold Miners who want to always work to find the gold in their dirt.

The Gold Miners Membership campfire

Yes, I want to be A Gold Miner

What’s in this Gold Mining membership for me?

  • Access to a private Facebook group community of other Gold Miners for discussion, interaction, insight, advice & encouragement.
  • Weekly gathering in the Master"mine" via Zoom
  • Bi-weekly rural entrepreneurs and difference makers sharing their Gold Mining journey including tips, ideas, and steps to mine your gold.
  • Bi-weekly coaching campfires  from the lead miner, Krysti, where you’ll learn specific tips, techniques, & ideas that will help you believe in you to work through and see your gold better
  • Freedom to share ideas and get input from fellow Miners and celebrate within The Gold Miners group the gold nuggets you find that have helped make your life better
  • Accountability with other gold miners to put in the work and effort to find your gold
  • Discounts on additional programs & one on one sessions
  • The Gold Miners is a gift to yourself! A time for you to start your week with feel-good moments and other people who want to simply be better each day!

Only $1.24 Set-up fee for a 15 day free trial & $24/month after that (pure 24 karat gold). 
Cancel anytime!

I AM READY!!! Help Me Mine My Gold!

 Where’s the gold in your hardened hot liquid?

We can do this together!  You'll love hanging with Gold Miners and hearing their stories of overcoming obstacles and achieving success.  This membership is all about changing from a mindset of focusing on the negative to focusing on the positive and getting past the hot liquid hardness until we get to the gold. 


With the right gold mining tools & techniques, the help and support of amazing fellow gold miners, and your own determination, you’ll find the gold that difficult situations create.  You will change how you live and make your life so amazing.


Is this group for me?

  • Do you have great ideas that need a boost of "can-do attitude" to get them off the ground to get your gold?  (I said can-do, not candy... sorry, but all candy lovers welcome too.)
  • Are you an entrepreneurial spirit wanting to make a difference for yourself or others?
  • Do work alone, in a small group or a stay-at-home mom and you JUST NEED PEOPLE TIME?
  • Do the cows, crickets, & crows sing so loud you have trouble staying motivated?
  • Are you volunteer filling everyone's cup in your community and you feel like an STP (the Same Ten People) that does everything for everyone and you need to fill your cup.
  • Do you need a weekly jolt of inspiration from a rural perspective to pick you up? (You may even hear a rooster in the background)

If you said yes to any of these, The Gold Miners is for you!

Let me in! I want to be a Gold Miner!


 “You’re too smart to be the only one standing in your own way to a better you and your gold!”

Krysti Mikkonen
Lead Gold Miner, Krysti Mikkonen

This is Krysti Mikkonen, your lead miner.  She grew up in rural North Dakota and heard it was warmer down south so she moved to South Dakota.  She swore she'd never marry a farmer and quickly realized it was the BEST life she could give her kids.  She knows first-hand, it isn't easy to live rurally and work as an entrepreneur.  She's had great successes and many struggles too.  She has 4 kids raised on their organic family farm. There were many years where money was tight and things were difficult behind closed doors.  Let's just say she's had her share of dirt and muck in life to mine through to find her gold.  Her attitude, prospecting skills, and desire for better allowed her to find gold and move to great success.  She's ready to help you be a great miner to find your gold too.

Remember: It’s like a Gold’s Gym for your Mind & Soul!

Yes, I want to be A Gold Miner!